Words of wisdom

— Healthy relationships can take the form of engaging relationships that are not always deep, but make you feel good

— By being less cognitive, one is able to effectively feel and live in each experience as it occurs rather upon reflection

— If we do not acknowledge our feelings, be become desensitised and will end up holding others accountable for our own feelings

— It is not your responsibility to please everyone every single day, just do your best

— When you live in the moment the is far less focus on past or futuristic thoughts

— Love cannot be measured by intellect

— Sometimes learning to sit with uncomfortable feelings can be more effective than trying to prevent them

— The only person who stops us from feeling enjoyment is ourselves

— You cannot run away from yourself no matter how well you distract yourself

— The purpose in life is the purpose that you give it

— By doing one task at a time you are able to effectively put your full effort and attention to it, yielding a better outcome

— You cannot simply will away your cravings

— Success is 1000 small steps in the right direction

— Each time you deny your authentic self it becomes harder and harder to bring out naturally

— Society does not dictate the appropriate way to live your life, you do

— Don’t get angry at idiots, the same would be achieved by getting angry at a wall for being a wall. Acceptance of others for who they are is key

— We all want to be wanted, the trick is learning to want yourself first

— Waiting for the future to get better is a massive gamble, appropriating your actions in line with the future you want is more likely to yield better odds

— Life is not fair, it never has been fair, for all the plants and animals to live in symbiosis, some leaves fall to early, just the same as one animals offspring being a food source for another

— There is nothing wrong with a healthy distraction to get ones mind back to the task at hand

— Learn to let go of others expectations of you and focus on your own

— It is okay to realise some of our goals have been set too high at times and make adjustments accordingly

— The less time you spend hypothesising about the outcome of future actions, the more time and control you will have in affecting the outcomes of future actions

— Instead of being motivated by unrealistic dreams, find peace in the moment where all joy begins

— When one is not in the moment then they are living in the past or future projections created in one’s mind. This is not only completely unhelpful but also a large strain on mental energy. By dealing with life one moment at a time and only one moment at a time we are able to effectively function at our highest capacity

— It is very hard to see progress and success when looking from a short term perspective. Instead imagine your life as a stock value, whilst this can fluctuate daily, it is far more important that the value increases over the long term than the focus being on the daily ups and downs of our progress towards success

— The mastery of patience revolves around coming to terms and accepting the reality of each moment, one moment at a time. Nothing more, nothing less

— Your body is a temple. Every cell, organs and functions are dependant on the input that you choose to absorb and retain, and what you discard both physically and mentally

— To learn exactly where a friend or foe is coming from and the reality he see’s through his eye’s is crucial to come to any form of understanding

— Life is like an internet browser history list. Our reality is defined by the information we choose to give ourselves. If too large a portion is dedicated to the research of misery and negativity, it is then far more likely for us to refer back to this during abstract moments throughout our daily lives.

— Not everyone wants to be unplugged from the microcosm in which they exist in, learn to forgive and understand these people even if you view otherwise as they are the majority

— The mind is an organ, and just like any other organ it attempts to function constantly. By default your mind does not want to be in the present moment as this is where it holds no ‘power’. The brain’s powers lie in recollection and future projection, once you have accepted this you will realise that the past and future have no true hold on you

— It is very rare for someone else to be the root cause of your anger. Only by further introspection you may find a strong emotion you have been holding in without a healthy ability to let it all out and move forward

— To know your own bias and the microcosm from which your own ideals where formed is one of the first steps in learning to take yourself out of the equation and view things from a much larger perspective

— Life is like a boat on a rocky sea, bound to the fate of nature with waves and storms, yet still with the hope that the sky will clear and the sun will shine

— Each time you let someone else get in the way of your own personal happiness it is only you who looses



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