The eternal struggle by Lachlan Jones

This is my tune about self-development
To become attuned, less malevolent
Stress the present
Caress the peasant
Address the hesitant, suppressed and penitent
As I break down the barriers
Dissipate frown carriers
Anticipate before its too late
Don’t intimidate and seal your fate
With zeal and hate
To feel the weight
Uphill with no clean slate
But wait
Let your authentic self-take the bait
Bet more magnetic help
Break the stake
Good-will and hoods fill
Outwardly with benevolence
Bout towards the sentence scored with pleasant
Aboard the crescent
As hoards prevent
The bored and spent
Torn into days lament
Ponder past and future
Wonder what will last and what will boot ya
From this existence
Dreams upon the distance
Split the seems
Grit the mean
Spit and clean
All those dark thoughts away
Sprawled and sparked caught in the fray
Called most marked
Draught to decay
Live in the moment and the pain fade away
Give oxygen component
To your body you own it
As thoughts distain greyed and paved
Rewrite the story
Filled with allegory
With delight and no worry
No frights or folly
New heights or glory
Experiencing what is
Not what you want
A hard live to live but will get what you want
Speaking from a voice of experience
Tweaking to rejoice clearance
No circus act, now coherent
With drums beating
And thumbs meeting
Upwards and secreting
Corrupted and defeated
Abrupt but needed
To construct new seeded
Ideals forged by cold steel
Heels gorged the old will
To distill and fulfill
Be a helper
See like Skelta
As the rain pelts ya
The shame shelter
Disdained melter
As the brain belt ya
With profane
No lame
Heads crane
Meds stain
Bled fame
Instead game
Street creds the same
Defeat said in flame
Conceit red to the grain
Bleak fed deranged
Now estranged
How arranged
To no longer rescue
Show stronger blessed few
All the stressed abused
All messed aloof
My best truth
In a jest booth
No suppressed tooth
Let my heart smile
To the last mile
Wont fast dial
The craft vial
And laugh while
I look back over my decisions
Previous ideals in constant collisions
Devious respondent decision
Proteus deals convent derision’s
Tedious heels bent incisions
Don’t lament
Days spent
And pays rent
And delays meant
Appraised cent
Unfazed decent
Blazed and spent
Crazed to prevent
Abuse of power and authority
Transfuse those who cower in their sorority
Won’t confuse the hour in the depository
Set hold loose the closet story
Get gold goose closest allegory
Old truce protest category
Bold Zeus detest
Cold cues and crests
Not uphold to prayer confess
Blind to detest
Unkind to ingest
The poison in his mind he lets


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