The immortal soul

I lift drift, uplift
Parasite type cyst
Take flight
To the fight
As I unravel a road of disaster
Broken concrete & plaster
I am the master
Smith crafter
Your tears fill me with laughter
Eyes bleared, heart beating
Faster and faster
As I lower my blaster
Can only think backwards, no hereafter
For I am the Caster
Of hexes to double sexes
For collectors
Trapped in a cage
At such a young age
Fought the plague
The world his enemy, he had it made
Medieval & flayed
Tortured to haunt ya
All the way to the grave
6 feet deep, no sorrow displayed
A distant memory that fade away
Wilter like a flower
Petals drop by the hour
As I stand atop my tower
As They flee & cower
What they can’t see, devour
Their insides internally
Mind overworks into emergency
Blinded by the curse
Jump into the verging sea
Chump converging fee
To let the rest be free


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