Where is this fast paced technological age headed?

In this technological world filled with 10 second video clips, memes and short summations of massive topics, I start to wonder if any-one is actually seeing the big picture of things any more?
How the corporations and ones in power do such a successful job of keeping us occupied on the internet never ceases to amaze me. The internet has allowed us seemingly unlimited sources of knowledge from all around the world, but only if one knows where to look.
The majority of us used to watch television at the end of the day and there would be some form of news and that was it. This only took up a very small part of our lives. Now the generic way that news is transmitted is through interactive media outlets (facebook,twitter ect) allowing us to not only read the “news” but to choose which news we want to see and which news we dont by merely changing which channels we regurlarly tune into. In a sense we are essentially picking and choosing which news to learn about regurlarly and this news becomes our knowledge base of things that are happening in the real world. Each person is allowed to choose his or her own selection of information to base their entire world view on, except every person’s “news settings” (facebook or twitter profiles) are all inevitably different. Now we have a large amount of the worlds population using these ‘news’ devices individually and coming up with their own individual conclusions about what is happening in the world under the assumption that they know the right way. I see this through the thousands of arguments and generic hatred or trolling on comments.

It just seems like such a waste of energy ( and data space ) that everyone needs to submit their opinion or dismiss the opinion of others when its clear that everybody has had different experiences and came to their own conclusions.


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