Wu Tang inspired rap

Wu Inspired Lick:
Dark ally-way
Make the ally pay
With pally fray
And dally decay
Hold the blade
Scold and grey
Mind Flay
Grind Pay
The line say
It my day
Parade round a set of spades
Jet off as I let off
The sins cross
Grin Boss
A win loss
At the spin toss
And wind frost
The binge cost
For the syringe of the cringe
The whinge, unhinge
cut of the fringe
Bloods soft
From drugs off
The scale
Start to go pale
Then deep blue veil
In a heap too frail
Out the front door and back in the mail

Lightning strikes the world starts to get dim
Frightening shrikes hurl art, crew sheds him
Above the rim
The reaper
Street keeper
Grief eater
Con deceiver
Sons Lead ya
And guns feed ya
No fun either
Shun ether
And drums beat on
Thumbs meet on
The vertical agenda
Aint no pretender
Saint and hope sender
No taint and bloat surrender
To the order to dismember
Across the border, wont remember
All the bloodsport back in December
That’s left to be said
Cracked and sheltered
Dragged and melted
To part of the mind
Choose to go blind
screws loose and resigned
cues a truce defined
Blows a fuse inside
Outside space time
Crowd-side adjacent rhyme
Proud side complacent times
And maced a nine
Based on crime
Chased sublime
And blazed at mine
Crazed inside as I raise the sky
in a haze of my
spiritual awakening
empirical calculating
And continual ideas making
A supernatural creation
No oxygen degradation
And lungs depraving
Like nuns and waving
No guns degrading
And mums paving
Your life and creating
Strike and waiting
No time to be hating
Sunshine compensating for
Vitamin D contagion
So I’ll sit here waiting till gods prayer shades me


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