An short guide to meditation by (Meditation Track by Deval Premal)

The idea of meditation is to essentially turn off the thinking, ego part that defines us individually, and pay more attention to what one is experiencing with their 5 senses.

In this case there is a video for you to focus on visually, generally meditation works better when one is using their eyes to observer the moment they are currently in

By focusing on the mantra being chanted by Deva Premal, there are only 3 senses remaining that also need to be kept in focus; what you can feel, what you can smell and what you can taste.

This does not mean using all 5 senses at once when meditating, but using the senses available to you as you listen to the track to allow you to focus on:

WHAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW AT THIS VERY MOMENT, not a moment before and not a moment afterwards. As soon as we notice that the mind has wandered off to thoughts of the past of making future projections then we are no longer in the moment.

The goal of meditation is to stay ‘in the moment’ for extended periods of time, so that when something does occur in real life it is much easier to deal with as.


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