Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde: From up to down


My whole world is spinning

One minute I am winning

Another, straight back to the beginning

Sitting here wishing

My brain would come out of remission

One small act

A catalyst reaction in my neural fission

I gotta battle with Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

One wants to help, one tells lies

Leads me to despise

Heeds me to strive

What keeps me alive

Is that deep down inside

Where my true identity hides

A blessed man

Open with both eyes

Yet still closed

To Mr Hyde the evil side

That will always reside

So I bind you

Wrap you up and blind you

Remind you

Who holds the reigns

To take us to fame

Explore the world not constricted

By your domain

At every corner I restrain you

Till my values remain true

Mental doctor for the crew

Experimental techniques learnt from the weak

Who’s outcome was bleak

Stared into their mind to find

What ultimately binds them

What memories remind them

Of brutality amongst their closest kin

A serious sin

A part of them

Never able to let go

Of the pain and strife from long ago

Restricting daily life to their unbeknown

I let the truth be told

It don’t matter what I tell you

Your combination of matter added with sentience

You hear my words but do you understand each sentence

Created just for you

To sit back and reflect on when you get the blues

It’s a hard road ahead

To overcome the past that fuels the dread

Constant anxiety at the back of your head

Believing it to be confined

Yet when you unwind

It comes back to the surface

In that once blissful moment ever so superfluous

Anger, your greatest enemy

Gun loaded and at the ready

Out and about trigger heavy

Out the front door to start up the Chevy

…Oh shit

Why does my chest feel so heavy

I’m not ready

Feeling unsteady

Is this excitement, remorse my brain won’t tell me

Just as the oxygen fills my lungs

My heart clenches all muscles strung

Imagery back to a time among

I had missed and dismissed my chance for bliss

And only now do I reminisce

A double edged blade fighting closed fists

To fight again, re enlist

What I perceive to be reality

What is fun and what is not has always confounded me

What defies ones sanity

If the human experience is merely a perception of reality

We are all insane in our moments of fame

Winning a game

When controlled by others and our thoughts pertained

Living life on the basis of the success in ones mind

From evaluations and experiences from a previous time

The only difference is when your actions cross a legal line


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